Cooking Classes

As much as we enjoy feeding people incredible food it still feels great to actually pass on the tools to enable them to

prepare a great meal themselves. Food education has an incredible reach, and as chefs I feel it is our duty to take the time out and teach people." 

~ Chef Nicoletta Grippo 



We offer a wide variety of cooking classes, from knife cutting skills, to baking and even butchery 101.  There are no limitations to what we can teach, if you have something specific in mind let us know.  From beginners to intermediate all skill levels are welcome.  Take a peek at our class schedule, and gallery, for some inspiration. 

We also specialize in wine education and mixology.  We truly cater to all your needs! 



Homemade pasta

Gnocchi, ravioli, farfalle, garganelli...Any shape of pasta you can imagine.  Learn how to make fresh pasta dough from scratch, and show off your skills during your next dinner party. 


Desserts on Desserts

We love sweets in the Do or Dine kitchen!  Take a class with us and learn how to bring your favorite flavors to life in a classic pie, cheesecake, gelato, candy and more.  


Butchery 101

From poultry to fish, follow us as we take you through a detailed tutorial on the basics of butchery.  We guarantee you will leave class feeling confident enough to take the skills you learned in class back to your kitchen at home. 



Do Or Dine Cooking Classes

All menus are seasonal and subject to change based on ingredient availability and quality.

Italian food has long been the most popular across the planet. Come tour Italy with us as we visit some iconic and lesser known specialties from different regions. Italy’s culinary scene is so vastly different from region to region and town to town. Through food we will travel to Calabria, Sardegna, Apulia and Piedmont to name a few.

A Trip Through Italy

Tuscany is synonymous with a picturesque Italian culinary experience and rightfully so.  Join us as we "whisk" you away to the iconic countryside to enjoy full flavored dishes that will make your friends believe you were really there! 

La Cucina Toscana 

Italy’s beloved gnocchi comes in many shapes and sizes throughout the country. Learn about the history of our favorite dumpling and regional variation’s. Menu; Gnocchi alla Romana with market greens, Ricotta Gnudi with a basil- arugula pesto and toasted pistachios, Potato Gnocchi with a Ragu Bianco.

Gnocchi 101

Pasta is by far one of Do or Dine’s favorite subjects to teach. This is an in depth look into the world of pasta, its history and an overview of regional specialties. This class covers both fresh and dry pastas and the beauties of both. Learn how to select, cook and plate pasta and about the sauces meant to accompany each of them.

Pasta 101

Learn to master some of southern Italy’s flour and water pasta favorites such as Trofie, Cavatelli, Orecchiette. Menu; Insalata Primaverile, Cavatelli with roasted sungold tomatoes, fresh basil and Parmigiano Reggiano, Orecchiette with sausage, broccoli rabe pesto and Pecorino Romano

Fresh Pasta Hands-on

(Flour and Water)

This class focuses on the rich egg infused pasta doughs most often found in Northern and Central Italy and includes such favorites as Tagliatelle, Pappardelle and Tajarin. Menu; Seasonal salad, Tajarin con Burro, Tagliatelle with a mushroom ragu

Fresh Pasta Hands-on

(Egg Dough)

Dive into the rich world of Italy’s filled pastas. This class will showcase regional specialties like Agnolotti, Ravioli, Cappeletti and Tortelli. Menu: Seasonal Salad, Agnolotti in Brodo, Spring Pea Tortelli in a Parmigiano Butter Sauce.

Fresh Pasta Hands-on

(Filled Pastas)

Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, Mascarpone.  Learn to make all your favorite classics in this fully hands-on class.  

formaggio hands-on demo 

A subject that is near and dear to Do or Dine’s heart is keeping up the tradition of Sunday Suppers. This class focuses on bringing back the tradition of taking the time on a Sunday as a family or as friends to slow it down and enjoy each other’s company around a great meal. These menus include items that are a little more complex and meant to be shared and savored.

Sunday Suppers Edition

Wine and Food Pairings from our own backyard! Cook with a bounty found at your local farmers market.  Focusing on what’s in season and what is good for your body and soul. 

California dine and vine

Taste your way through the world of olive oil. Much like wines, olive oils vary greatly. Learn the taste profiles associated with different regions and olives and what oils pair best with what dishes. Taste the oils first on their own and see how they elevate each dish.

Olive It! the world of olive oils 

Master the steak! Prime, Choice, Dry Aged; we will be covering all of in in this class. One of Do or Dine’s closest friends happens to be one of the oldest most respected butcher family in the USA, Pat LaFreida of LaFreida Meats. We will be giving you an insiders perspective and all the tricks of the trade. You will be making steak better than the best steak house and eating it too!

Steak Master Class

Canning and preserving foods is an age old tradition born out of necessity that has made a strong comeback. Learn how to preserve the brightness of each season with jams, pickles, conserva’s and more. We might even sneak some jerky and smoked fish in if we’re feeling frisky!

Jams, Pickles and Preserves – Preserving the seasons

Taking you beyond carrots, green bean and broccoli; this class focuses on the beautiful bounty of our local farmers markets. We will select seasonal and often unusual vegetables and teach you how to prepare and enjoy them in a variety of ways. I promise you won’t even miss the meat at this table! Veggies will never be boring again.

Plant to Plate – Farmers Market Edition

The ocean is vast and so are the possibilities when it comes to seafood preparations. From oysters to sashimi/crudo to steamed mussles and salt baked fish; we will be preparing the bounty of the sea three different ways for you to enjoy.

you, me and the sea

Seafood is often an intimidating dish to tackle. Learn how to buy, prepare and cook locally caught seafood.

Dock to dish seafood

Learn how to prepare restaurant worthy seafood dishes to serve as appetizers or your first course. Crab cakes with homemade tartar, clams with white wine and crispy calamari.

Hooked! Seafood small plates

Love at First Bite: A Valentines Day Couples Cooking Class 

Butter Poached Lobster Risotto.  Whole roasted porcini rubbed beef tenderloin. Decadent chocolate tarte with pate brisee, dulce di leche and creme fraiche whipped cream.  Hands-on baci chocolate making. 

Husband and Wife duo of Do or Dine team up to make sharing the kitchen fun and delicious. Comedy included!

Better Together! Couples class

Health and Wellness

The holidays are over and you've eaten your weight in food and sweets...It's time to lighten things up and get back on track.  Crudités with an herbed buttermilk dip.  Hearty and rich bone broth soup.  Chickpea, barley, feta and chicken salad.  Pepita and sesame dark chocolate bark. 

Learn the art of curing your very own proteins. This allows you to control what ingredients are in your cured foods and to better understand the process.

Finding the Cure! (Bacon, Gravlax, Duck Prosciutto)

Growing up in an Italian this was a normal Sunday activity for us. Join us as we pass on our family secrets of sausage making along with some new modern twists. Enjoy the spoils of your labor as we show you how to prepare and cook the sausages.

Sausage making

Meat Eaters Unite!

The Ultimate Meat Class

Our meat focused classes will highlight flavorful ways to cook locally sourced heritage meats. Each class we will bring you a three course meal of … you guessed it MEAT. This will include a selection of three of the following but not limited to; poultry, pork, beef, dry aged beef, lamb, veal and goat. We will show you how to brine, marinate, cut and season a selection of different cuts.

Fried Chicken 101

Nashville Hot Chicken, Classic Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Biscuits and Coleslaw. A fun look at Do or Dine’s favorite food group, fried chicken. Filled with fun tips and tricks to make this your crispiest bird yet! Menu; Classic Southern Fried Chicken, Nashville Hot Chicken, Buttermilk Biscuits and an easy Southern Slaw.

Best Brunches EVER

Let’s face it brunch is literally the best meal there is. Not quite breakfast not quite lrunch and often accompanied by a cocktail of sorts.. Menu; Creamy polenta, spicy tomato sauce, poached eggs and fresh basil, Capretto hash, crispy roasted goat, potatoes, salsa verde, Brioche French toast with a berry compote and whipped mascarpone cream.

Easy as PIE

Fresh Summer Pies

In Do or Dine’s former life we were literally hunted down for our beautiful from scratch pies and for this reason I will not reveal our real names! Join us to learn all things PIE; from techniques, to dough variations and fillings. Each student will make our flaky pie crust and make their very own take-and-bake fruit pie. Menu; Seasonal Tartlette and Seasonal Fruit Pie a la Mode

Keep Calm and Grill On

Summer Grilling

Get ready for summer BBQ’s with family and friends. Learn about marinades, brines and the delicate art of mastering the flames. We will show you how to prepare an entire meal (even dessert!) grill-side so you won’t miss a minute of sunshine. Menu; Grilled romaine Caesar with charred bread croutons or Grilled figs, peppery arugula, fresh torn mozzarella, balsamic and honey, whole grilled market fish or brined heritage pork chops or steak and chimichurri, Grilled peaches with whipped mascarpone and fresh mint.

Hands-on Sushi

In this class you will learn about the intricacies of Sushi rice and will all have the opportunity to roll your own Temaki Roll and Makizushi. Each student will get their very own sushi mat to take home! Menu: Miso Soup, Vegetable Temaki Roll, Market Fish Maki Roll or Tempura Roll

Hang up the phone and let us teach you how to make some of your favorites at home.

Chinese Takeout

If you’ve never traveled to Asia and experienced one of its street markets you haven’t lived. Filled with incredible and sometimes shocking sights to see they offer some of the most unique dinning experiences in the world. Learn to cook some of the tasty bites that have made Asia’s street foods so famous.

The Best of Asia’s Street Foods

Learn about some of Korea’s most popular foods. Menu; Kimchi fried rice, BBQ Beef Short Ribs, Korean vegetable Banchan

seoul's soul food 

Pork and Shrimp Shumai, Spicy Wontons, Garlic Pea Sprouts

Gimme sum dim sum 

Little pockets of goodness. Dumplings are part of the food culture of countries all over the world. Italy has its gnocchi, Russia has Pelmeni, in Japan we find Gyoza and in China the options are endless. Learn the art of filling, folding and cooking dumplings from around the globe.

All Things Dumplings

Compact and delicious; empanadas can be found throughout Central and South America in different forms. We will walk you through the different dough, fillings and cooking methods of Empanadas and of course some delicious accompaniments.


 Learn the basics behind some of Mexico’s best street foods.

Mexican Street Food

A trip through San Sebastian the birthplace of tapas

Spanish Tapas



Wine & Mixology

All menus are seasonal and subject to change based on ingredient availability and quality.

Wine 101

Buying wines because they have a pretty label? Wine 101 series is a crash course on wine varietals. We will help you taste your way through and better understand the world of wine.

Wine and Food Pairing

In this tasting series we will guide your taste buds through wine and food pairings. Learn what wines pair best with what flavor profiles and why. Eat and drink your way to becoming an excellent dinner host.

 Wine and Cheese

A meal in itself! We will recreate the perfect cheese board and explain how each cheese pairing works. Learn how to build your very own beautiful charcuterie board and what wines best accompany it.


Whiskey, Tequila, Bourbon, Gin.. This class is meant to open your mind to the processes behind the makings of a good spirit. Taste you way through different variations of a spirit while enjoying some fun snacks and a craft cocktail or two.