Wine & Mixology

All menus are seasonal and subject to change based on ingredient availability and quality.

Wine 101

Buying wines because they have a pretty label? Wine 101 series is a crash course on wine varietals. We will help you taste your way through and better understand the world of wine.

Wine and Food Pairing

In this tasting series we will guide your taste buds through wine and food pairings. Learn what wines pair best with what flavor profiles and why. Eat and drink your way to becoming an excellent dinner host.

 Wine and Cheese

A meal in itself! We will recreate the perfect cheese board and explain how each cheese pairing works. Learn how to build your very own beautiful charcuterie board and what wines best accompany it.


Whiskey, Tequila, Bourbon, Gin.. This class is meant to open your mind to the processes behind the makings of a good spirit. Taste you way through different variations of a spirit while enjoying some fun snacks and a craft cocktail or two.