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Do or Dine Catering

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Farm to Table Catering 


Santa Monica Rooftop Cioppino 

Santa Monica Rooftop Cioppino 

Fried Pasture Raised Rabbit with Sun-Cured Olive Aioli 

Fried Pasture Raised Rabbit with Sun-Cured Olive Aioli 

We believe in delivering only the highest quality food, and that means making everything from scratch, pasta by hand and roasting meats for hours on end.  We make sure to visit the farms and shake the hands of the farmers whose products we use to make sure we know hoe it was grown and raised.  We establish a connection with the artisans of the farm, guaranteeing the quality of our ingredients.  We harvest the animals to ensure we respect what we cook.  We do all of this to honor the hard work and love that goes into these farms; it is homage to those artisans we've met along the way.  This is a labor of love. This is Do or Dine. 


Cooking Classes for All 

We offer a variety of cooking classes, from knife cutting skills, to baking and even butchery 101.  There are no limitations to what we can teach, if you have something specific in mind let us know.  If you are ready to learn, we are ready to teach you!


The Do or Dine Way 


Sustanable Sources


Primal Pastures

Primal Pastures is a family farm in Murrieta, California offering the highest quality pasture raised chicken, pork, lamb, beef, honey, and wild seafood.

Organic Pastures Dairy Co. 

Raw. Organic. Grass-fed. Organic Pastures specializes in making the best damn raw milk, cheese, cream, butter and Kefir you've ever tasted!  

Fraizer Farms

Frazier Farms, SoCals natural grocer since 1971.  Selling high quality natural, organic products at prices you'll love.  P.S. We LOVE their olive oil. 


Seasonal Menus


We cater our menus to compliment the seasons.  Seasonal foods are 100% more flavorful, and it's one more way to assure you that we are putting the freshest ingredients on the table, and in your bellies.  


Get in touch 

Looking to book us for your next event? Have a question about our cooking classes?  Need more information on our style of cooking?  Whatever it may be, we would be happy to hear from you.